These are some older program that I've worked on. 

Websenseping GUI
A utility that I made that runs the websenseping CLI in the background.

This is for Half Life 1's HPB Bot program. No more editing a text file.

Check Device Status
A utility that runs a PING request agaisnt a list of devices that you can configure.

My attempt at a game. I'm new pure game programming, but I think it's OK.

Luke and Rob song 1
This is the first song that Rob and I wrote together.

Luke and Rob song 25
This is one of My favorite projects that Rob and I wrote.

Circle of Heroes
I wrote this for an RPG Game I was working on.

Gummi Bears
Sean and I took the Gummi Bears theme and punked it up.

Waltzing Matilda
This is another song that Sean and I took and added some of our style to it.
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